How Easy It Would Be To Be A Bird

Birds gather together in a tree and do birdly things. They chirp, they eat, they sharpen their beaks, they hop from branch to branch, they poop, and then for no apparent reason they suddenly all fly away to some other tree where they repeat the process. And when the summer fails and the trees go dormant, the birds migrate to a climate where the conditions are still favorable to the growth of trees.

A bird’s purpose is so easy to identify. Everyone knows that sound encourages growth in plants and trees, that the gentle weight of the birds on thin branches helps harden the wood, and that the seeds consumed by birds are returned in neatly fertilized packages.

A bird need never ask itself, “Why are we here?” or “What is my purpose?” I’m fairly certain that birds are completely unaware of the invaluable service they are providing simply by existing and doing those things they believe to be their choice and their preference. So necessary is their service that if there were no birds, trees would be facing a catastrophic existential threat.

Everything is so clearly defined in its purpose. If something ceases to provide use, or its purpose has been fulfilled, it ceases to be.

So how is it that we can’t seem to answer this timeless riddle for ourselves? The point I’m trying to make is that free will does not have the ability to interfere with your purpose. You are fulfilling your purpose whether you know it or not.

How Easy It Would Be To Be A Bird

Dissecting Genesis 1:1

It has been said that the entire Torah exists in the first verse of Genesis.

There’s more than one way we can go about it. One, we can understand that everything in creation is part of creation, and so that would include the Torah. Another perception is by inference. I’ve included an outline of the 10 inferences I was able to draw from it in a sitting.

Genesis 1:1
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

I. There was a beginning.

II. There is a mysterious being known only at this point as God.

III. God is a creator.

IV. God is constantly maintaining His creation.

A. Everything created requires maintenance.

i. No one can indefinitely maintain a system they can not create.

B . As we live, we are witness to His creation, and do realize that we ourselves are part of it. If He were not perpetually maintaining it, we would not be here now.

V. God existed before the beginning.

A. God will exist after the end.

i. God exists outside of time.

a. God is the beginning and the end.

VI. God is the indisputable owner of all creation.

A. From a legal standpoint, certain and indisputable ownership can only be established when the following conditions are met;

i. The creation must be “ex nihilo” or a modification of something the claimant created “ex nihilo”.

ii. The creation cannot be taken away from the creator because the creation’s sustained existence is dependent on the creator. See 3 -> a -> i.

B. If the previous conditions are not met, only temporary rightful possession may be established.

VII. God commands unparalleled intelligence, power, and wisdom.

A. No industry or design has ever approached that of the creation of heaven and earth, regardless of the standard of measurement; be it importance, impact, complexity, scale, or impression.

i. No one has been able to devise an instrument whereby the entire creation might be accurately measured

VIII. Heaven and earth were created.

A. Although we can create nothing of ourselves, we are often allowed to participate in the creative process, e.g. propagation.

B. And they were created by God. See 3 -> a -> i.

C. They were created in a place in space-time called the beginning.

IX. God is orderly, organized, and methodical.

A. Space and Time are constructs which bring order.

X. There will be an end.

I’m sure we can take it further, but I believe it’s a good starting point and certainly it has provided me with some food for thought.

Dissecting Genesis 1:1

Ex Nihilo

In the beginning, before the birth or realization of a design, there exists only an unlimited potential that has yet to be blemished by our imperfections. (With every word I write, entire worlds are chiseled away from an increasingly specific & singular conveyance.) It is in this intangible place of beginnings where the conditions required to manifest something new into existence are met. It is before the first, and at the same time it is after the last. It is Nihilo, and it is Omnia.

Ex Nihilo